Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blueberry Picking/Playing With Cousins!

Okay, so today we actually went blueberry picking. We have been meaning to, but today, we actually got ourselves up and going! My mom and my two sisters (Maddie and Ragen) hopped in the car, picked up my two cousins (Davis, 7 and Lauren, 5) and my grandma, and we were off to the farm! The first few rows of blueberries were pretty small, so we moved on to another section, and we finally found a good few rows of big ones. Because they were so big, we decided to have a contest of who could find the biggest blueberry. Maddie (my older sister) and I tied with blueberries that were as big as maybe...a quarter, probably a bit bigger! Eventually, we got hungry, so we bought our blueberries and pigged out to some chips and sandwiches. Davis brought Dibs, so we snacked on those. After that, our party left for home! Right now, we're at home, playing dolls and stuff. Gotta go, they want me to play with them! Stay tuned!

~morgan :D

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  1. Yum, BLUE BERRIES!!! Where did you go to pick them??