Tuesday, August 31, 2010

At Sabrina's House

I'm at my friend Sabrina's house, and we're having a blast! We stayed up until 3:00 AM, while watching Pirates of the Carribean Dead Mans Chest (number two in the series). Also, we are going to have cinnamon twirl french toast for breakfast with corn flakes on the top. We also managed to make Sabrina a blog, just like this one! :D It's really cool. Well, breakfast is ready, gotta go!

~morgan + sabrina

P.S. "Rap is tight, yo" (says sabrina)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Good luck mom!

Today, we (my sisters and I) have nothing to do. I get to go to my friend Maria's house today, and I'm super excited! Yay! We might have a mud fight! Woohoo!

I love you mom! Good luck with your race! (she is doing the Portland to Coast relay race)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Improved Blog!

Hi everyone! Recently, I have made a few changes to my blog's look, so if you think you might possibly be on the wrong blog, you aren't! I just switched it up a bit!

~morgan :D

At the office!

I'm at my mom's office again, but this time we brought along Ragen! It's so much fun with her here. She is playing on her Nintendo DSi, and I am blogging, so we're all happy :D. We usually come in on Fridays, but because my mom is doing the Portland to Coast relay race on Friday, we came in on a Thursday. But, no matter what day of the week, it's always fun to get hot chocolates and toasted bagels from the little cafe! I love their catch-phrase, "How much Java could a woodchuck chug?" Ragen and I cracked up!

Another thing is my little cousins went home, and I miss them already! My aunt Lisa's birthday is today, so I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you SO much!


P.S. In a world full of Cheerios, be a Fruit Loop!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oaks Park, and a family party!

This week has been super great! My friend Anika took Ragen, Elle, and Anna (Elle, Anika and Anna are my friends from school) to Oaks Amusement Park to ride the rides! We all had a blast! First, we took a picture with the Portland Trail Blazer's mascot, (I have no clue why he was there) and then we couldn't wait to go on the rides! There is one ride that Elle and Anika went on, called the Screaming Eagle, where you sit strapped in a circle, spinning around, while swinging up and down, almost going upside-down! At first, I thought it was a piece of cake, but when I got closer to it, I chickened out and walked away. Then, I pushed myself to go on it, and I did! It turns out, it's my favorite ride in the whole park! Now, what I realize is that what's life if you never try!? I mean, it's not like I could have died or anything. If I like it, I like it, and if I totally hate it, well then...I totally hate it and I'll never go on it again.

Also this week, we had a family party that was super, totally, completely awesome! My cousins are still in town (yay!!!) so we decided that before they leave, we have to have a family party! Our other cousins that do live in Oregon offered to have us over because they have the river in their backyard, so we all decided on their house. We got there in our bathing suits, and immediately ran down to the river with their dog, Finnigan. (by the way, he is the cutest dog EVER!) The water was freezing at first, but then I got used to it. We swam around in our life jackets for a while, and then ran up to the hot tub to warm up. Surprise!!! Uncle Adrian came out, fueled up the boat, and took us all inter-tubing!!! When we got back, pizza was ready for us. We gobbled it up, and then ran down to the dock and jumped into the river again! It started getting late, so we headed home. It turned out to be one of the most fun days ever!!!

~Morgan :D

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Best Day Ever!

Hey! I accidentally skipped a day, but for a very good reason! Yesterday, my mom, my aunt, and my grandma went shopping together, so we got to stay with our cousins and my uncle Tim! (oh, and did I mention that Maddie was babysitting?) We played for a little while, but we got hungry so we ran upstairs like a pack of hungry wolves and asked, "What's for lunch?"

Our awesome uncle Tim said, "How about Burgerville?"

We happily replied with, "Yes!!!"

Once we got there, we ordered a whole bunch of stuff like fries, and hamburgers. We also learned that their cups are made 80% of recycled materials, as well as their straws, napkins, and lids to cups! We were amazed! Once our order was ready, we dug in! Afterwards, we realized that a lunch at Burgerville isn't a lunch without one of their amazing milkshakes, so we split two chocolate shakes into four. Yummy!

We left Burgerville with our bellies stuffed, and we decided to go walk off our food. We drove down to George Rogers Park, and played in the sand for a while. We even learned how to skip rocks! Our uncle Tim is an expert at skipping rocks, he got up to 6 skips in a row! I could only get to 2, but that's okay, I'm a beginner. They, we actually went to the park area, and we swung on the swings for a bit. My cousins got bored, so we left.

Maybe an hour later, my grandma, aunt, and mom got back from shopping, and told us that we could go swimming! Everyone was so excited! I drove home with my mom to get our swimming stuff, and we met the rest of the family at the pool. We got there, and there was almost no one there! It was great! We swam for about 2 hours, and then got dinner. It was the greatest day EVER!

Now, I have to go and walk my dog, so...I hope you enjoyed this super long post! Bye!

~morgan :D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blueberry Picking/Playing With Cousins!

Okay, so today we actually went blueberry picking. We have been meaning to, but today, we actually got ourselves up and going! My mom and my two sisters (Maddie and Ragen) hopped in the car, picked up my two cousins (Davis, 7 and Lauren, 5) and my grandma, and we were off to the farm! The first few rows of blueberries were pretty small, so we moved on to another section, and we finally found a good few rows of big ones. Because they were so big, we decided to have a contest of who could find the biggest blueberry. Maddie (my older sister) and I tied with blueberries that were as big as maybe...a quarter, probably a bit bigger! Eventually, we got hungry, so we bought our blueberries and pigged out to some chips and sandwiches. Davis brought Dibs, so we snacked on those. After that, our party left for home! Right now, we're at home, playing dolls and stuff. Gotta go, they want me to play with them! Stay tuned!

~morgan :D

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cousins From California!

Okay, so my fabulous aunt and cute two cousins from California have driven up to see us! I haven't seen them for a while, so its super exciting! My aunt is making me an egg salad sandwich, and I'm preparing myself for amazing deliciousness. (wow, is deliciousness a word?) She makes the greatest egg salad sandwiches EVER! By the way, if you don't know what an egg salad sandwich is, you should just Google it (all hail Google). My dog, Fletch, is sniffing my foot, and it tickles! Hahahaha! We finally got him a bath, so he is pretty and white, not yellow and smelly. It is such a relief. Well, my sandwich is ready, so I gotta go! I'll try to make another post today, but if I cant, well, thats too bad. L8ter!

~Morgan :D

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy August 1st!

Hiya! Today was absolutely awesome! First, we went to church. After that, my dad decided he needed a coffee, so we ran over to Starbucks where our favorite person in the whole wide WORLD was there, Brea! We got some yummy treats and then we left for the plant store! My mom has been wanting some rosemary and lavender plants for a while, so we finally got those, as well as a cute, little cactus! (isn't the non-plural cacti?) Anyways, after that we went swimming at my friends house, and we had so much fun! We swam for about 4 hours, and I drank a total of THREE Cokes! I was full of sugar! It was the best day of my summer so far! We stayed for a while after getting out, and then we had to leave :( Well, that's pretty much it of what happened today! Stay tuned for my next entry!

~~morgan :D