Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First day of school

Woohoo! School started!

As strange as it sounds, I was looking forward to school all summer, because school is so much fun! (for me...) Also, RAGEN CAME TO TRCS!!! I love having Ragen at TRCS because she is the sweetest (and greatest) person who ever lived. I'm super sad that Maddie graduated TRCS because she was also a great person to have around!
I can't believe that Maddie is actually in HIGH SCHOOL! It seems like such a scary thing to me...AAH! Luckily, it has been a fairly easy switch for her, and she has great new (and old) friends that she hangs out with. Also, Maddie is doing cross-country for the first time, and she is loving it!
This is SO random, but today, our school walked to the park for a P.E. soccer unit, and we got to meet a Portland Timbers men's reserve team player! He was really nice, and he had SUPER curly hair, and it was really cool! I wanted to walk up to him and feel his afro!
Anyways...life is good in the hood! :D

~Morgan [Status: Thinking about curly hair...]