Sunday, March 13, 2011

I haven't posted in FOREVER! I'll try to catch you up on what has been happening in the Finklea family lately:
*We had the GREATEST Christmas ever!
*Morgan started Lacrosse practices
*Maddie got more into photography!
*Ragen has been simply her cute little self!
*Morgan and Maddie went to outdoor school and survived a TSUNAMI! Aaaah! (I'll explain more later in this post!)
LOTS more has happened, but that's what I can think of off of the top of my head. One of the most recent happenings is outdoor school. Maddie and I went and had a great time despite the rain! The 2nd day, we went swamping in mushy, smelly mud and we had a blast. My favorite part was when I fell KNEE deep into a hole of mud, and I had to have a teacher help me out! The very next day, we did microbiology, and we were looking at one-celled-organisms under a microscope. My friends and I found a colony of cells, and they were moving and everything (it was called an Amoeba)! The day after THAT we dissected crafish, and it was the most fun thing EVER! Even though all of my friends were afraid to get into it, I dove right in and learned so much (but I'm never eating crafish EVER again after knowing what the insides of it look). The NEXT day, Thursday, we had just a fun, chill day with delicious food for ALL meals! And then Friday came, the day after the tsunami and earthquake happened in Japan. At 3:00 in the morning, my teacher came in as calmly as she could that there was going to be a tsunami on the beach at 7:00 that morning. (outdoor school is on the beach, right next to Lincoln City) We all had to get up and dressed with the warmest clothes we brought and hike a mile to the top of the camp so that we would not be hit by the tsunami. Now, try to imagine 100 kids crammed in to three 10x10 cabins for 6 hours waiting for a tsunami. It was INSANITY! Luckily, kids were keeping their cool, and they just stared at the window waiting for a tsunami that ended up not happening. SO after ALL of that trama, nothing happened, but it was a fun start to the day! We had one hour to clean up our cabins, get packed and clean up the WHOLE entire camp before we left that day, and we managed! It was one of the most exciting days EVER, and now I can say, "I have survived a tsunami!" Yay! I have to go to bed! Love you all!

~Morgan [Status: On Spring Break! WOOHOO!]