Saturday, July 31, 2010

Duct Tape Wallet!

This is so cool! My sister and my dad have made one, and they are great, fun to use, and stylish! Haha, I feel like a dude on one of those cheesy commercials where they sell Snuggies!

~Morgan :)

Despicable Me

I just watched Despicable Me (the movie) and it was awesome! I loved it! It was super creative, funny, and cute. I would highly recommend people of all ages to see it. I would see it again, and again, and again, and again...teehee! Stay tuned!

~morgan :)

The Cutest Kids...EVER!

So, as you may know, my family baby-sat some of our friends kids for a day. I was afraid that they wouldn't like me, but guess what? It turns out that they are the cutest, sweetest, and most darling kids in the whole wide world.

In my most recent post, I accidentaly said that there were three kids, but theres only two. Silly me. The baby is 7 months, and the other little kid is 2 and a half. In the first few minutes, we fell in love with them, and guess what? They slept over, too. It was so great! We played with little people, we fed the baby, and we walked Fletch (my dog who looks like a marshmallow) and we had a blast! They left at 8:00, and we were really sad, but I guess we'll have to wait until next year when they come back up to Oregon! Yay!

(It's a picture of my dog...he likes to bite paper towel rolls)


Friday, July 30, 2010

At my moms office!

(9:47 A.M.) Hi again! Today, I am at my mom’s office! It’s really fun! Well…the only thing I can do is play on the computer, so I’m having the best time ever! Yay! I might run down the hall to get a yummy hot chocolate or something. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Yes. It does. I’ll be right back!

(9:59 A.M.) I’m back! Wow. The line was SO LONG! I had to wait forever! Not really, just 8 minutes. But, it still was long! The person who made my hot cocoa gave me free whipped cream! She was so nice!

(11:02 A.M.) Wowie Zowie! Time has gone by so fast! I’m having a BLAST! My dad’s friend’s sons are coming over tonight, and I am so excited! One is a baby, a few months old, and the other cutie is about three. There’s two of them, and they are super darling (they’re all boys). Yay! I can’t wait! Well, I’ll have my next entry tomorrow!


~morgan J

My First Blog EVER!

Hey everyone! I have decided to make a blog about the fun and exciting things that I encounter in my everyday life! Whether it’s on a hike, at a family get-together, or the park, I’ll be blogging about it! Oh, yeah, and also whenever I see an awesome craft, I will post about it, along with the instructions! My next post will be soon!

~morgan :)