Friday, July 30, 2010

At my moms office!

(9:47 A.M.) Hi again! Today, I am at my mom’s office! It’s really fun! Well…the only thing I can do is play on the computer, so I’m having the best time ever! Yay! I might run down the hall to get a yummy hot chocolate or something. Doesn’t that sound delicious? Yes. It does. I’ll be right back!

(9:59 A.M.) I’m back! Wow. The line was SO LONG! I had to wait forever! Not really, just 8 minutes. But, it still was long! The person who made my hot cocoa gave me free whipped cream! She was so nice!

(11:02 A.M.) Wowie Zowie! Time has gone by so fast! I’m having a BLAST! My dad’s friend’s sons are coming over tonight, and I am so excited! One is a baby, a few months old, and the other cutie is about three. There’s two of them, and they are super darling (they’re all boys). Yay! I can’t wait! Well, I’ll have my next entry tomorrow!


~morgan J

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