Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just finished with my cross country meet!

Just an hour ago, I finished my cross country meet. It was really nice outside, but in cross country, you almost WISH for bad weather because it's so hot. I was baking, but I still did well in the race! The race was with 6th and 7th graders, with about 50 girls. I got 11th overall and 3rd 6th grader. Also, I was the first person on the Athey Creek Middle school to finish; I even got a medal! The hardest part was when I had to run up a hill that was difficult to even WALK up, and there were random ankle-high dirt mounds that I tripped over. Besides that though, it was a fantastic race! I'm sad that I only have one more meet because cross country is a great experience. I get to push myself as far as I can go, and I feel really great!

~morgan [status: AWESOME!]

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good test grades

I got my tests back, and I did pretty well! I think on most of them, I worried too much. Today I had yet another test, and yet again, I worried too much. :D But that's okay! (By the way, if donkeys could fly, then become a strawberry. BUT, if all else fails, grapes are the way to go.) Anyways, guests are coming over for dinner, and my mom made a whole bunch of hamburger soup (it's not what it sounds like) and I am SO excited! It is the greatest soup pretty much...EVER! Well, the guests are almost here, so I'm gonna go set the table.

Bye! ~mo [status: anticipating yummy soup...]

Monday, October 18, 2010

Why does great success always happen when nobody is looking, yet complete and utter failure happens while the whole world is looking? I am puzzled by this question.

~mo [status: thinking...]

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tests, Tests, TESTS!

This week was awesome because I helped a lot in the library and it was just plain fun...but MAN did we have to study a lot for our tests! Every single day of the week, my teachers told us to study. On top of THAT, we had our usual homework, too! Well...I guess this is my first real taste of middle school... :D. I'm pretty sure I did well on most of my tests (they were in every single class but science) and so I'm just waiting untill I get my tests back...graded. Uugh.

~Mo [Status: WAITING...]

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Best Soccer Weekend...EVER!

Hooray! The Portland Pilots won! We got great seats, and the band was really enthusiastic and entertaining. I feel super, duper, uber lucky to be able to go to that game! My two friends, Tasman and Sophie were awesome as well, and they made it better and even more fun (because we caught a grasshopper on the bleachers :D) !!! Then, the next day, we had a soccer tournament, and we won a game and lost a game. They were great either way! My weekend was