Thursday, August 5, 2010

Best Day Ever!

Hey! I accidentally skipped a day, but for a very good reason! Yesterday, my mom, my aunt, and my grandma went shopping together, so we got to stay with our cousins and my uncle Tim! (oh, and did I mention that Maddie was babysitting?) We played for a little while, but we got hungry so we ran upstairs like a pack of hungry wolves and asked, "What's for lunch?"

Our awesome uncle Tim said, "How about Burgerville?"

We happily replied with, "Yes!!!"

Once we got there, we ordered a whole bunch of stuff like fries, and hamburgers. We also learned that their cups are made 80% of recycled materials, as well as their straws, napkins, and lids to cups! We were amazed! Once our order was ready, we dug in! Afterwards, we realized that a lunch at Burgerville isn't a lunch without one of their amazing milkshakes, so we split two chocolate shakes into four. Yummy!

We left Burgerville with our bellies stuffed, and we decided to go walk off our food. We drove down to George Rogers Park, and played in the sand for a while. We even learned how to skip rocks! Our uncle Tim is an expert at skipping rocks, he got up to 6 skips in a row! I could only get to 2, but that's okay, I'm a beginner. They, we actually went to the park area, and we swung on the swings for a bit. My cousins got bored, so we left.

Maybe an hour later, my grandma, aunt, and mom got back from shopping, and told us that we could go swimming! Everyone was so excited! I drove home with my mom to get our swimming stuff, and we met the rest of the family at the pool. We got there, and there was almost no one there! It was great! We swam for about 2 hours, and then got dinner. It was the greatest day EVER!

Now, I have to go and walk my dog, so...I hope you enjoyed this super long post! Bye!

~morgan :D


  1. Burgerville is my favorite restaurant besides In 'N Out.

    Davis 7 years old

  2. Your uncle Tim sounds COOL! I love Burgerville, too, but In-n-Out Rocks!!