Thursday, August 26, 2010

At the office!

I'm at my mom's office again, but this time we brought along Ragen! It's so much fun with her here. She is playing on her Nintendo DSi, and I am blogging, so we're all happy :D. We usually come in on Fridays, but because my mom is doing the Portland to Coast relay race on Friday, we came in on a Thursday. But, no matter what day of the week, it's always fun to get hot chocolates and toasted bagels from the little cafe! I love their catch-phrase, "How much Java could a woodchuck chug?" Ragen and I cracked up!

Another thing is my little cousins went home, and I miss them already! My aunt Lisa's birthday is today, so I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you SO much!


P.S. In a world full of Cheerios, be a Fruit Loop!

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