Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cousins Galore!

I haven't posted about anything almost the whooooooole summer, and that is sad! I need to blog more!
I wanted to post about the amazing fun I have had with my cousins this summer!

Joey, Finn, and Cooper moved to town from St. Louis, and we are so excited! Cooper is the cutest to be with, Finnigan is the craziest kid you'll ever meet, and Joey is the most hilarious person ever! We have had so much fun with them over the summer, and that includes watching cooper for a couple of days, hiking with Finnigan, and going to the beach with Joey!

Chantal is in town from L.A., and we have missed her sooo much! She is the sweetest person ever! It is so fun to go swimming with her and play fun games!

Davis and Lauren are in town from La Quinta, and today we actually went berry picking with them! We had a BLAST! Davis is hilarious, and Lauren is sweet as can be! We are so glad they are in town!

That is my cousin recap for the summer, and I will most likely post about a cool craft I did with my aunt Lisa soon! Until Later,

~MoRgAn [Status: Enjoying berries...leave a comment about what you think we should make out of the berries!]

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